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Simultaneous in situ characterization of turbulent flocculation and reactor mixing using image analysis and particle image velocimetry in unison

Miller, K., Chuang, W.-L. , Kim, K., Chang, K.-A., and Chellam, S.

2022, ACS ES&T Engineering, Accepted.

Experimental investigation on fluid kinematics and impact pressure of flat plate impacts on pure and aerated water

Chuang, W.-L.

A PIV based algorithm for determining multiple velocity fields from crossflows in single field of view

Chuang, W.-L. and Lin, S.-M.

Experimental study of force, pressure, and fluid velocity on a simplified coastal building under tsunami bore impact

Chuang, W.-L., Chang, K.-A., Kaihatu, J., Cienfuegos, and R., Mokrani, C. 

​2020,  Natural Hazards, 103, 1093-1120

Oil droplet sizing and velocity determination using fiber optic reflectometer

Do, J., Chuang, W.-L., Chang, K.-A.

Laboratory observation of turbulence and wave shear stresses under large scale breaking waves over a mild slope

Hsu, W.-Y., Huang, Z.-C., Na, B., Chang, K.-A., Chuang, W.-L., and Yang, R.-Y.

Imaging based nearshore bathymetry measurement using an unmanned aerial system

Sun, S.-H., Chuang, W.-L., Chang, K.-A., Kim, J.Y., Kaihatu, J., Huff,  T., and Feagin, R.

2019, Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, 145(2), 04018044.

Atmospheric motion vectors derived from an infrared window channel of a geostationary satellite using particle image velocimetry

Chuang, W.-L., Chou, C.-B., Chang, K.-A., Chang, Y.-C., and Chin, H.-L.

2019, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 58, 199-211.

Kinematics and dynamics of green water on a fixed platform in a large wave basin in focusing wave and random wave conditions

Chuang, W.-L., Chang, K.-A., and Mercier, R.

2018, Experiments in Fluids, 59, 100.

Large-scale laboratory observation of fluid properties in plunging breaking waves

Na, B., Chang, K.-A., Huang, Z.-C., Hsu, W.-Y., Chuang, W.-L., and Chen, Y.Y.

2018, Coastal Engineering, 138, 66-79. 

Impact pressure and void fraction due to plunging breaking wave impact on a 2D TLP structure

Chuang, W.-L., Chang, K.-A., and Mercier, R.

2017, Experiments in Fluids, 58(6), 68.

Green water velocity due to breaking wave impingement on a tension leg platform

Chuang, W.-L., Chang, K.-A., and Mercier, R.

2015, Experiments in Fluids, 56(7), 139.

Numerical and experimental study of pump sump flows

Chuang, W.-L., Hsiao, S.-C., and Hwang, K.-S

2014, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 735416.

Three-dimensional numerical simulation of intake model with cross flow

Chuang, W.-L. and Hsiao, S.-C

2011, Journal of Hydrodynamics, 23(3), 314-324.

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