if you are interested in the following fields:

  • Extreme wave-structure interaction (極端波浪與結構物互制作用)

  • Coastal & Offshore engineering (海岸及離岸工程)

  • Environmental fluid mechanics (環境流體力學)

  • Hydraulic engineering (水利工程)

  • Imaging velocimetry techniques (影像流速量測技術)

  • Stereo imaging techniques (立體成像技術)

  • Computation fluid dynamics (計算流體力學)

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 Current research topics 目前研究主題

  • Violent wave impacts on coastal and offshore structures & Engineering relief strategies


  • Applications of artificial intelligence algorithms on the hydrodynamic impact problems


  • UAS-based bathymetry survey and surface wave kinematics measurement for nearshore regions


  • Advancement of optical velocimetry techniques


Open positions 研究機會

PhD students (1)

Research fields:

  • Imaging-based 3D motion measurement of mooring cables and aquaculture nets under wave-current interactions

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience in image processing/analysis

  • Experience in laboratory photography